If you saw the Havdalah candle on my website, you may have wondered ... what's that funny looking braided candle?  Scriptures teach us to "set apart" the Shabbat.  It's a tradition in the Hebrew culture to set apart or "bookmark" the Shabbat -- the beginning and the ending.  

The beginning of Shabbat is welcomed by the lighting of Shabbat candles.  Traditionally, two candles are lit and are left to burn out on their own.  

Just as important, is the ending of the Shabbat.  This is "bookmarked" by a tradition of wine, fragrant spices and a Havdalah candle.  The candle is lit, the wine is p
drunk and the spices are smelled.  The Havdalah candles does not burn out, but is extinguished by the wine.

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